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hanmi global


Introducing Project Management (PM) from 1996 to Korea
Ranked 9th global company in the world

Technical Support Organization

Differentiated services provided by outstanding specialists in Korea

The specialists of HanmiGlobal deliver professional technical support services in all areas.

The Technical Support Teams in HanmiGlobal work closely with the engineers on site to ensure that all technical competencies of HanmiGlobal are well-applied in the field.

HanmiGlobal is constantly striving to provide high-quality services and to customers and meet the mutually agreed-to requirements, and thereby maximize customer value.

Engineering Center

HanmiGlobal Engineering Center has outstanding capabilities in all service areas of a construction project from planning, design and cost management to construction, and provides unmatched value to customers through innovative processes and unique solutions.

Work Process



Maximum value created with minimum cost input


Final project cost reduced by completing projects within budget


Differentiated outstanding service provided to create customer value


All possible errors foreseen and mitigated by risk management


All works operated ethically and transparently
in accordance with the core values of HanmiGlobal

Construction Strategy Research Institute

Founded in 2000, Construction Strategy Research Institute (CSRI) conducts research on construction project management and develops comprehensive solutions to advance the project management-related knowledge and information.

CSRI divulges on research areas including design, engineering, construction project management, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and sustainability, benchmarks to implement advanced technology, creates and distributes knowledge on construction project management and Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and also publishes books and technical reports to deliver the highest quality information.

CSRI is currently offering BIM professional education program and co-hosting an education program (Next-generation Construction Leaders Academy) with Korea University for (under)graduate students to foster the next generation construction leaders.

Work Process

Construction Strategy Research Institute fosters innovation through new ideas for development, plans and executes Research & Development (R&D) and pilot projects, operates education programs, and issues publications on the outstanding results.



Enhanced core competency of PM / CM services

  • Review plans for adopting ICT tools suitable for PM tasks on site
  • Promote BIM-based work, tools and solutions
  • Standardized work procedures and specifications to perform PM / CM tasks

Presenting new growth business direction

  • Research on current state of emerging technologies and their application in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Business on big data, Off-Site Construction (OSC)
  • Knowledge distribution through research on advanced procurement methods (CM at Risk, IPD, etc.)

Strengthened global competency

  • Publication on benchmarking reports and
    global maestro newsletters
  • Global network with professionals overseas
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